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1. The Nat King Cole Discography

A 370 page chronological list of all Nat King Cole's commercial recordings in date order from 1936 to 1964, including principal UK and USA record issue numbers.
Also included are personnel listings of the various King Cole Trio's, track timings, orchestral accompaniments, together with recording dates, matrix numbers and a separate list of recordings in alphabetical order.

Price £39.95 Plus Postage

2. The Nat King Cole Singles Supplement

85 pages containing over 700 single and extended play releases in an easy to read spiral binder Included are all Nat's UK and USA releases in 7", 10" and 12" format on 45 rpm, 78 rpm and EP records.
In addition to Capitol records issued there are also details of records released on a further 30 labels including Decca, Atlas, Blue Ace, Sunset, Keynote Columbia, V-Disc, Brunswick, Melcdisc, Vogue, Tampa etc.
Catalogue numbers, picture sleeves and promotional issues are also highlighted

Price £9.99 Plus Postage

3. The Nat King Cole UK Album Supplement

90 pages in an easy to read spiral binder containing catalogue numbers and track listings of Nat King Cole on over 200 albums.
Included are Nat's UK releases in 10" and 12" format on over 40 labels including Capitol, MFP, World Record Club, Ember, Verve, Mercury, Columbia, Fontana etc.

Price £9.99 Plus Postage

4. The Nat King Cole Transcription Supplement

69 pages listing over 200, 10", 12" and 16" transcriptions featuring Nat King Cole, including track details, on Keystone, Standard, MacGregor, Capitol, Here's To Veterans, Guard Sessions, Soundtrack 5, Guest Star, March Of Dimes, Christmas Seals and many more.

Price £9.99 Plus Postage

5. The Nat King Cole USA Album Supplement

120 pages in a spiral binder containing number and track listings of Nat King Cole on over 300 USA Albums.
Included are Nat's issues in both 10" and 12" format on over 60 labels including Capitol, Design, Giants of Jazz, Crown, Camay, Deoca, Mercury etc.

Price £9.99 Plus Postage

6. The Nat King Cole International Album Supplement

79 pages in an easy to read spiral binder containing catalogue numbers and track listings of over 100 albums issued in over 15 countries excluding the UK and USA.
These lists give not only a general idea of albums issued, but identify albums containing rarer recordings.

Price £9.99 Plus Postage

7. The Nat King Cole Compact Disc Supplement

Track details and Catalogue Numbers of over 300 Compact Discs featuring Nat King Cole including not only those issued by Capitol Records, but many other labels issued all over the world.

Price £9.99 Plus Postage

8. The Nat King Cole Film, TV, Radio And Video Supplement

A chronological list of Nat's Radio, TV and Film appearances, together with details of Film and Video Compilations. Also included are details of Nat's Radio Series 'King Cole Trio Time' and his TV Series 'The Nat King Cole Show'.

Price £9.99 Plus Postage

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